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her data

Empowering and Connecting Women in Data.

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We are Dinushki and Jennifer, two girls that just love data and want to spread our knowledge. Our passion to make data beautiful drove us to start, her data. The main goal, to empower and connect women in data everywhere. There are tons of people doing amazing things in our field, we want to shine light on the individuals that inspire us everyday, with a little extra emphasis on the women.


Hi, I'm Dinushki De Livera. My friends call me Dee, mostly because they can't pronounce my name. I was born and raised in Columbo, Sri Lanka. I then moved to the US to attend the University of Cincinnati. I graduated with my bachelors in economics and finance. I then went on to get my masters in applied economics.


Currently, I work as a business analyst at Unifund. In this role I found a passion for data analytics and data visualization.


When I am not in the office or playing with data, I stay very active with swimming, running and boxing. This is mostly because I am a huge FOODIE and need the balance. Follow my Foodie journey on Instagram, @ForkCincinnati.


Hey everyone, I'm Jennifer Dawes. My friends call me Jennifer Dawes mostly because that's my name. I am a Cincinnati girl through and through. I grew up five minutes from my current home, I know I don't get far.


I attended the University of Cincinnati and completed my masters in Human Resources. In my HR career I spent time working as an HR Generalist. I have always had a passion for data analytics and finally I made the career jump!


The only love greater than data, is my family. My husband Ethan and I have two sets of twins, all boys! With 4 boys, our house is never quiet or clean.

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