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Grow Your Tableau Public Profile

Let's talk about why your Tableau Public Profile is so important.

This is quite possibly THE MOST important thing you can do if you want a career in data viz. I know I have said this a million times and it is one of the first things I mention when I mentor or someone reaches out for advice. There are so many reasons so let me talk to you about why.

I was first introduced to Tableau back in 2016 but didn't publish anything to Tableau Public until 2018. I played around with Tableau but I will say my learning didn't really even begin until I started publishing to Tableau Public.

Publishing to Tableau Public connects you to the #datafam.

The #datafam community is one of the greatest communities you could ever leverage and frankly any and all involvement is so beneficial. There is this circular motion with the community. I publish and receive feedback from the most talented people in data viz from all over the world. In turn, I am able to build relationships with those same individuals and network across global organizations. (Not a bad thing when you start looking for a new opportunity.) These are the same people that have encouraged, supported, and championed me over the last 6 years. I can't put to words all the value there.

Your Tableau Public is your portfolio of knowledge.

Knowledge of Tableau as a tool has wide spread distinction. Getting started and connecting to data and creating bar charts is fantastic but what about solving complex data structure challenges through leveraging various types of data connections and the use of table calculations and fixed LODs? Creating content and publishing to Tableau Public allows you to experience all sorts of scenarios. As a consultant not one project is the same and every database or lack of database has layers of challenges. Expose yourself to a variety of data sets and publish a wide variety of work. This will aide you greatly on the job and in the interview to showcase your capabilities.

Inspiration from others.

This is a big one. I have used Tableau for years but I continue to pull inspiration from the #datafam. I no longer need the how-to but more recently it keeps me fresh with generating new ideas for projects. Working on an island of only seeing my own work, dashboard would start to look the same. Also, inspiration drives excellence. If I feel inspired on a topic or project, I don't want to put it down and I push fo the best and greatest final result. Find your inspiration and continuously refresh it!

The perfect playground for experimenting with not best business practices.

This one seems obvious but let me explain wht I mean. Tableau Public is a great place to create that radial chart you have wanted to practice or a really sweet sankey. The average business user does not have a pallet for these chart types. Business users really like bar charts. Use Tableau Public to make the crazy charts and dive deeper into your learning beyond a business dashboard. Enter competitions to grow your skills, get feedback and build confidence.

Look at your growth.

Number one piece of advice, never, ever delete your work. I can't tell you how often imposter syndrome has hit me or I have a compulsion to compare myself. Those are the days that I go back adn look at my work when I first started. I wasn't using best-proactices AND there was freedom to the things I created. Reviewing my journey always grounds me and helps me push myself more. I am my own worst enemy and being kind to my growth and knowledge IS so important to my own success.

The advice I have given to multiple people over the years, get started on creating content and Publishing to Tableau Public, connect with the community, and find a mentor. You have a wealth of knowledge and resources right in front of you, you have to take the first step. I have said countless times how grateful I am to the Tableau community. My career today is largely a product of those relationships and mentors. Get connected, create and publish your work to Tableau Public and watch your career grow!


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