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It is that time of year again!! Sarah Bartlett talks Iron Viz and Reasons to Enter.

When you hear Iron Viz what do you think? Have you participated before? Maybe you are new to the Tableau community and want an opportunity to participate in a community event. Either way, speaking from experience, the Iron Viz is a great way to sharpen skills along side the data community.

What is Iron Viz? "Iron Viz—the world’s largest virtual data visualization competition—ignites and showcases the power of the Tableau Community, giving you the opportunity to interact with data rockstars worldwide. Three finalists (determined by the Iron Viz Qualifier Contest) will advance to the 2021 Iron Viz Championship this November."

Check out our talk with Sarah Bartlett as we discuss the Iron Viz competition, reasons to enter and the possible barriers individuals have faced in the past.

This year like last, there will be one qualifier. The topic, Data+ Joy. How fantastic is that? Viz what you Love!

Each entry will be scored across three criteria; design, analysis, and storytelling.

To hear more from Sarah about the Iron Viz check out her recent blog post, Reasons to Enter Iron Viz.

Be sure to check out our Her Data Talks with Christian Felix as he discussed his experience winning the Iron Viz.

Additionally, Sarah Bartlett and last year's winner, Christian Felix are hosting a Iron Viz User Group session and talking about their experiences in the competition on June 15, 2021. Be sure to register and listen.

Get out there are start vizing what you Love and be sure to enter the competition!


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