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Updated: May 26, 2023

Jacqui Moore talks all things Tableau Relationships.

Jacqui Moore is a Tableau Ambassador, a Tableau Visionary, Co-Lead of the Boston Tableau User Group, and Co-Lead of Real World Fake Data.

If you were watching Jacqui's demo and had the same wow we had with the Performance Recording, check the screenshot below to see where to find the option again.

We took this to the test using the same data pulled in first as a Relationship and then as a Joined and when we built the same worksheet and ran the Performance Recording each time, take a look below at the difference in the query running behind the scene.

If you are a late adopter as well, take the Relationship test and give it a try to see what you think. Or if you still aren't sure, check out more resources below to dive even deeper.

Additional resources to learn more:

For more details, watch Jacqui’s full Her Data Learns video and check out her Tableau Public Profile.

Be sure to follow Jacqui on Twitter.


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