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Tableau Data + Movies

If you are looking to grow your Tableau skills, expand your Tableau Public Profile, and/or connect with the Tableau #datafam community, take the challenge.

Click the image above to learn more.

I have shared on so many countless occasions how the Tableau community has helped me to grow in my career. The most recent Tableau data viz project is another way to jump into the fun. The best part of this challenge the data is provided, you choose your adventure, and if you submit your viz, they send you a data t-shirt. That's a win-win-win in my book.

I had a conversation recently with two of my mentees. They both set goals to grow their Tableau Public profile because they were looking to jump into a career in data viz. Behold the timing of data+movies was so perfect. They each were researching topics they might find interest in and struggling to find data. Then Tableau released the data+movies project. I mentioned it to both of them and checked it out myself.

The great news the data set includes something that everyone can enjoy. I clicked the link and downloaded the starter kit which included a Tableau - Data Plus Movies (2000-2023) workbook. The easy part was, to get started I filtered to the movie or genre I was interested in and I was off and running.

When I first started creating vizes for Tableau Public it was a month or months-long process for me, for the concept, then the data analysis and research, refine the design before finally asking for feedback and possibly revisiting the first few steps for refinement. I began obsessed with perfection and wouldn't publish something that felt it could be better with time. As time passed I have learned perfection is the enemy of progress. For me, progress was learning by doing in repetition.

For the #DataPlusMovies project, I picked a favorite movie series, Pitch Perfect 1, 2, and 3. What was great it came together rather quickly. I already had an idea of the visuals I wanted to use and I had an image I wanted to work in as well. Then pick the color, pink! Naturally, I picked colors I would never use.

Click the image above for the Tableau Public link.

Tableau Public continues to be a space where I love experimenting with color and chart types that I might not normally use in a business dashboard. Not only do I find my greatest inspiration from the community but the feedback and guidance to learn more and push myself further created an impact I can't begin to measure.

Take the challenge, create something even if in a week you decide you don't love it as much, create again, share your work, learn, get feedback, share feedback, and grow.


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