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A Little Data and A Ton Personal

Greetings from Jennifer!

Hello everyone. I know there isn’t a video that feels a bit strange to me too. I have said for years I am not a blogger but here I am pouring out my words and sharing.

First, Dinushki and I still are in constant contact and want to pick up HerData and add more content when we feel ready. It’s funny how much I feel this weighing on my mind and heart for so many reasons.

I wanted to share a bit about what life has been this last year behind the camera. Many people in the Tableau community know that I left my incredible team and family at Unifund in 2021 and I have been on the most intense and incredible journey ever since. I really hope I can find a way to package all the things I’ve learned about working in this data world and things I’ve learned about myself sometime soon. For now, I’ll share I am so thankful for Analytic Vizion and the amazing people I have met and get the honor of calling coworkers, mentors, and family. If you haven’t heard of AV, check out the website and message me, I’d be happy to tell you all that I know.

What else is happening? So beyond changing jobs a few times, we moved! I feel so blessed that we found our forever home in the same neighborhood and community that we have put down our roots. It has been pure bliss and I pinch myself sometimes. We feel so blessed to live this dream.

Our 5-year-olds started kindergarten and our now 3-year-olds started preschool over the last few months. We also took our first ever family vacation in August. Life has been busy personally, but big things are happening in our family life.

Most recently we lost the patriarch of our family. I am still processing so many emotions for this loss, but I will say, pick up the phone call the ones you love, drive to see them, make the memories. My moto this last 6 months, buy the ticket and take the ride. Go live life and make those memories. You deserve to have memories when someone you love passes to reflect on.

Now, onto the reasons I felt compelled to write… I love our Tableau community. What more reason would anyone need? Haha. In past years I was happy to just be part of this incredible community. I have reflected and spoken very openly my absolute gratitude for so many people in the community that truly helped me shape and change careers. Without which I wouldn’t have been able to make the job changes, move houses etc. There is still a compelling feeling I have more value I can add. Maybe that comes with several follow up blog posts, yes blog posts, with talks on my journey.

This community is special to me, and I want to safeguard it so that others might have those same chances! The best part of our community as I was explaining to Matt Francis recently, it’s accessibility. What do I mean by that? When I said ‘Hey Dinushki and Kevin, I want to learn Tableau’ I was lucky enough they were willing to spend time with me to answer questions. However, in the evening hours at home, as I was on fire for learning, I was watching YouTube videos on how to build a Sankey, I read blog posts about data and Tableau, I built ugly things on Tableau public and openly asked for feedback. I learned so much just by people being present for me. Now, is my turn to find a way to be more present for others even during a busy season in my life.

Let's continue to fight as passionately for the community we all love so much as we once did, it's the only way there will still be a community for others to find value in. Until next time, Jennifer.

If you have topic suggestions or some of my work that you want me to talk through, drop a suggestion otherwise I will start from, the beginning, an ok place to start, right?


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